Avoid These 4 Common Roof Cleaning Mistakes

Avoid These 4 Common Roof Cleaning Mistakes

Moss and algae growth on your roof can build up and degrade your roof shingles, shortening the lifespan of your roof. Moss and algae can also look untidy, taking away some curb appeal for your home. Don’t worry though, when you notice you have some new houseplants living on your roof, there are steps you can take to remove the moss and algae from your roof and prevent more from growing.

pressure-washing roof

Pressure Washing

When your roof looks dirty or is covered in algae, it can be a natural thought process to want to pressure wash it like your driveway. Don’t do it! At Hammerhead Roofing, our advice is NEVER pressure wash your roof because it can be incredibly damaging to the roof materials. Shingles are embedded with asphalt granules that pressure washing can easily destroy. These granules are fire resistant, deflect UV rays, and provide protection against the weather — they are a very important aspect of your roof! Roof washing may be tempting, but we advise going with a professional cleaning service instead.

peeling shingles

Peeling Back Shingles

When you look at your roof, you’ll notice all the shingles lay in a certain direction so that water runs down off the roof. Brushing or spraying from the bottom up can peel back shingles and cause water to get underneath the shingles and into the lower layers. This can cause water seepage into your home, leaks in your roof, and mold growth. Always brush or spray from the top down and be gentle to avoid any damage to the shingles.

discolored shingles

Cleaning With Harsh Chemicals

You’ll find roof cleaning products at your local hardware store. The problem is, these cleaners often contain harsh chemicals. While bleach and other chemicals can be effective at cleaning moss off your roof, they can also be harmful. Some chemicals not specifically designed for roofs can be corrosive to the roof materials and cause rust and discoloration that can’t be repaired. Additionally, consider how when it rains, all the chemicals on your roof will be washed away. These chemicals can kill plants in your garden, damage grass in your yard, be washed into waterways, and cause pollution. It is always best to let professionals use roof-specific and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to avoid damage to your roof and the environment.

steep roofs

Climbing On the Roof

Climbing on your roof is dangerous and not recommended unless you are a professional! A fall from that height can be devastating and the money you save by not hiring a professional roof cleaner isn’t worth it! Besides the risk of slipping and falling, it is also possible to damage your roof by stepping in the wrong places. Ridge caps are designed to crack when there is too much weight on them as a way to preserve the rest of your roof. It would be incredibly disappointing to climb all the way up on your roof only to cause more damage. Professional roofing experts understand the structural composition of roofing materials and can safely operate on the roof.

The reality of DIY roof cleaning solutions is they can be dangerous and cause more harm than good. Hammerhead Roofing offers affordable and convenient roof cleaning services in the eastern Connecticut area. We will never pressure wash or use harsh chemicals on your roof and our professional contractors always take safety precautions to not cause damage to your roof. Don’t find yourself as the subject of a DIY story gone wrong! Call the professionals to handle the chore for you.

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