Why You Should Check Your Roof After a Big Storm

Why You Should Check Your Roof After a Big Storm

Whether you’re new to Connecticut or you’ve been living in the Constitution State for a while, you’ve probably had to deal with a significant storm or two. Nor’easters love to sweep by and leave a mess in their wake, and sometimes this mess can entangle your roof. If you’ve recently witnessed a big storm, HammerHead Roofing recommends inspecting your roof for damage — here are some reasons why, as well as some tips to follow!

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Identify Roof Damage

Heavy rains, winds, and snow can do more damage to your roof than you might think. Large tree branches can easily break off and fall onto your home, mangling the surface of your roof or even penetrating straight through it. Even if you don’t have any large trees to be wary of, the storm itself can cause shingles to fly off and expose parts of your roof to cracks or leaks. Checking your roof after a storm can help you identify any problems, so you know what needs to be repaired by a professional roofing company.

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Identify Gutter Damage

While you’re investigating your roof, you might as well check your gutters at the same time! Gutters are equally important to the well-being of your home, redirecting rushing water away from internal structures. If you notice that your gutters were clogged or damaged by a storm, contact HammerHead Roofing and ask about our gutter cleaning and repair services in eastern Connecticut!

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Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

Even though you can check your roof yourself after a storm, scheduling a professional roof inspection is a much better option. At HammerHead Roofing, we know exactly what to look for when we’re up there, so we can ensure no problem areas go unnoticed and unresolved. After our thorough inspection, we’ll help you come up with an affordable repair plan!

Roof with red and gray shingles and a red brick chimney

Stay Safe

If you do decide to inspect your roof on your own, we encourage you to be extremely careful. Following a storm, roofs can be incredibly slippery and even structurally unsound, which could quickly result in injury if you fall. To avoid any unnecessary risks, schedule a consultation with our professional roofing company in eastern Connecticut instead.

Inspecting your roof is one of the first things you should do after a large storm. To stay safe and make sure your roofing problems are properly identified and resolved, reach out to HammerHead Roofing today!

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